A Commitment to You

At Telearna Group, our purpose is to positively impact the lives of our employees, clients, consultants, and the communities in which we operate. This purpose allows us to foster a company culture that is collaborative, celebrates the individual and the team, and elevates our commitment to the community.


Honor, Quality, & Appreciation

We respect our people.

Our employees, clients, consultants, and communities are the foundation of Telearna Group. Together we create an atmosphere that fosters teamwork, excellence, leadership, and transparency. We create an environment where dedicated for their careers.

We strive for excellence.

We pursue excellence in everything we do. We believe that sustainable success is achieved by mastering the small things. We take calculated risks and approach our work with a passion for innovation, ingenuity, and creativity, and a strong desire to learn, teach, and grow.

We operate with integrity.

As a firm and as individuals, we share responsibility for preserving the trust of our partners. We uphold the highest ethical standards and never compromise our values. We strive to positively impact lives through our business practices and our philanthropic efforts.

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Our success is defined by delivering optimal results. We focus on providing strategic solutions that are valuable to the specific needs of our partners, and we are able to exceed expectations by working diligently to listen to and understand those needs.

Employee Net Promoter Score

A company’s Employee Net Promoter Score is a numerical representation of employee satisfaction based on a specific set of questions.
Net Promoter Scores are important to Telearna Group, not for prestige, but as a barometer for the impact of our efforts. Our eNPS allows us to track our success at delivering on our commitment to our purpose.



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Agile Discovery and Health Check Services

Identifying the disconnect between where you currently land on the Agile scale and where you need to land for optimal success is the first step to any Agile Transformation. Our diagnostic services are highly calculated and help us design custom Agile tuning for your organization.